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Chalet Bakehouse is a neighbourhood, home-based bakery - just doing our own thing, with a lot of love! Because we are small batch, baking is done 2-3 days a week. So if you are ordering you need to do so early!


We are not looking to create a bakery chain, or sell to the entire country, but want to do great tasting breads and get them fresh out the oven to you! Nothing that's been sitting on the shelves for days is sold to you. Uncollected orders which, cannot otherwise be sold, are given to homeless persons in our community. Everything is natural, with no added preservatives. We use real food, to make real breads, to feed real appetites.

We also want to teach bread baking and basic dough skills to the folks we meet along the way, because we believe that making our own food allows us to feed ourselves and control how we nourish our body. 


We are your community baker connecting with you through a common love for real bread.  Stay tuned, for when you can book your workshop on this site.

You can find out more about our baker here!

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